Organisational Changes

Posted by Azamikai on 17 Jun 2014

Edinburgh: The Saturday weapons class (5-6 pm) is to be discontinued. I hope that people who have been attending the class will continue to study weapons with Steff at his dojo (as I plan to do—N). Wednesday and Friday mornings are also to be discontinued. This leaves Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings (6:30-7:30). Three morning classes a week will offer a more effective use of time, in terms of both facilities rental and my own teaching, and will be a good way to concentrate attendance in the mornings. Dave Ross has set up a mail group to facilitate better communications between the asageiko regulars. This step should eliminate any problems with dojo keys and teaching responsibilities in my absence.

The Friday evening is to change from its former two-class format to a single class of two hours. This should provide a much-needed platform for Azami-kai juniors and seniors from Edinburgh and beyond to congregate at least once a week. In place of the beginners’ class that was scheduled from 6-7 pm, I am suggesting Sunday mornings when enquiries come in from beginners (whilst also emphasising that they are welcome to come along and start at any class).

In addition to schedule changes, Andy Rayne is to take on the position of Dojo-cho for Edinburgh classes. Issues relating to the Edinburgh dojo should in future be addressed to him.

Glasgow: In light of growing numbers, the Tuesday class is to be extended by an hour, to finish at 9:30 pm. A two-hour class on Tuesdays will enable us to provide much-needed work on basics for beginners as well as stimulation for seniors. Needless to say, all are welcome.